Team Profile – Megan Chalmers

Megan Chalmers
Department Manager

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Megan Chalmers is our Office Administrator at Chalmers & Company.  Megan has been with the company for over five years. She has worked her way up in the business. Megan started out as our company receptionist and learned the business from experience. Over time she developed new skills and understanding. Her experience, talents and knowledge makes her the perfect choice for our office manager.

Megan’s duties include anything and everything related to running an efficient, customer friendly office. She works with our clients, assembles all income tax returns, interacts with our vendors and even manages company staff lunches.  Megan has the ideal skills for her position. Her talents for time management, efficiency, organization, creativity, interpersonal skills, forethought, initiative and managing a diverse set of tasks at once, make Megan an ideal office manager.

Megan has continued her personal and professional development during her time with Chalmers and Company. Outside of role as office manager, she has also continuously improved her knowledge, skills and abilities through education. Megan is currently studying environmental science, mathematics, and engineering.  Chalmers and Company value Megan’s ongoing contributions to our business. Her focus, drive and positive attitude predict a bright future as a talented professional.